Partners & Products

Access Medical has partnered with the industry’s leading wheelchair and wheelchair accessory companies to provide its clients with the highest-quality products available. We stand behind every product we recommend because we know our manufacturers and we are committed to providing only the best.

Major Wheelchair Partners

This is a listing of Access Medical’s major wheelchair partners. Each company has a wide variety of wheelchairs and products that they offer. Below each company, you will find three of the most-commonly provided wheelchairs by Access Medical.



Wheelchair Seating & Accessories

When it comes to your wheelchair, there are literally thousands of options that can go along with it. From cushions and seating systems to wheels and harnesses. Access Medical has chosen to work with the following companies because of their commitment to quality and their proven track record.

Your needs are unique and so is the equipment. Our dedicated staff of professionals will help bring simplicity to your selection process.