Our Story

 Access Medical is a wonderful story of American entrepreneurship. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck we have grown this organization to become a vital asset to the disabled community in Southern California.

Before It Began

In January of 2006 Blaine Hunt, President & CEO,  was pursuing an undergraduate degree in a Rehab Science major at Brigham Young University. He was pursuing this path in preparation for medical school when something important happened. His sister started introducing him to her disabled friends. At birth, his sister could not breathe and suffered the effects of ataxia. She also suffered from joint deformities and significant eversion of her ankles. From a young age, his sister had an abnormal gate and was destined to need mobility equipment devices in her life. Many of her friends could not walk and were wheelchair bound for a variety of reasons. Her love for her friends and her understanding of their needs, as well as her own, inspired Blaine.

As he got to know his sister’s friends it became apparent to him that the medical devices supplied were not meeting their medical necessities. As he observed the companies providing the products, something stood out. The companies hired employees who were not medical professionals. They did not have an education or a background to prepare them for providing custom and complex medical devices. The companies they worked for were not accredited and their goal was to sell product to whomever they could. The suppliers sold products offering a solution but often times, because of their lack of training and understanding of a patients medical necessity, the suppliers would create more problems than solutions.

To Blaine, this was wrong and at his young age he had no political power to change the laws regarding who could provide medical equipment. So he did the next best thing.

The Founding of Access Medical

In March of 2006, Blaine Hunt founded Access Medical with a vision and purpose of creating a company culture with the highest standards of practice within the industry. These standards include:

  • A strong emphasis on hiring educated staff.
  • Having a team of professionals who hold appropriate medical credentials such as: ATP, SMS, CRTS, OT, DPT etc. All staff who have met the time requirements are required to pass the board exams and hold the appropriate credentials required in their respective roles.
  • Our Organization is not a business alone but rather is a medical practice. We expect proper clinical outcomes as any medical professional would. We do not sell wheelchairs we provide them.
  • We hold all licenses and accreditations possible within our field. We are accredited by The Joint Commission for safety, quality and financial stability. As the JC upholds the gold standard in healthcare, we too want to hit that mark.

Accreditation & Service to Others Begins

After months of preparation our corporate office in Carlsbad California was fully licensed and registered to provide custom, complex as well as all other mobility products to the people with disabilities in Southern California.

Our first referral came from a dialysis center in Oceanside California. After confirming we could help, we contacted our very first patient and offered our services to him. This individual was very humble and grateful for the work that we would extend on his behalf. After all documentation was retrieved and approvals from insurance were granted, we loaded Steve’s wheelchair in our delivery vehicle and took it to his residence.

With excitement Steve sat in the wheelchair and began using it in his home. He was able to perform tasks that he had wanted to do for months. Steve was not aware at the time that he was our first patient. Over the years we have stayed in contact with Steve and now he is honored to know he was the first of thousands who have been served by Access Medical’s talented staff.

Continually Moving Forward

Like any medical-practice Access Medical has improved with time. Our outcomes are becoming better and better as technology improves. Our passion always has been and will remain to do whatever it takes.

Access Medical is poised to be a custom complex wheelchair provider for Southern California and its communities well into the future. As a business, Access Medical has grown 100% each year and operates with a financially sound foundation. We hold all government insurance contracts such as Medicare, Tri-Care, Medi-Cal, CCS, the Department of Rehab, and Regional Center and we have acquired hundreds of contracts with private pay or insurance groups.

It is our culture, our passion and our sincere desire to serve others that will help us remain a stable resource to the disabled community of Southern California and beyond.


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