Healthcare Professional

We understand the level of care you afford to your patients. It is our commitment to treat your patients with the same level of care, concern and respect that you give them.

Your ability to provide us with the necessary documentation will greatly expedite this entire process. All documentation can be faxed to 760-929-0101.


In an effort to make the equipment order process as efficient as possible, your assistance in the following steps are crucial. Send progress notes, detailing the need for the

Send progress notes, detailing the need for the

  1. Provide a written order, specific to what you’re requesting with accompanying PT/OT Eval Rx when applicable (ie. wheelchair).
  2. Send face sheet with pertinent demographic information.
  3. Following all completed evaluations, all documentation will be submitted to you for your review and signature.
  4. Once we receive all signed documentation, the process is complete.

Note: If a patient calls you for servicing or equipment repairs, begin with step one with all applicable information specific to a repair.

Who Can I Refer?

We make every effort to assist anyone that is referred to us. The following criteria  identifies individuals who we invite you to refer to Access Medical:

  • An individual who is non-ambulatory, who is unable to walk, or is falling when attempting to walk
  • An individual who is not capable of not propelling a basic manual wheelchair
  • An individual currently in a wheelchair that does not meet their needs
  • An individual who has equipment that either requires repair, or is beyond repair

Regardless if your patient has equipment provided another supplier, Access Medical will work with them to facilitate the necessary repairs. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 760-929-2828.

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