Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your individual question, please contact us at 760.929.2828, where we will be happy to assist you.

Why should I choose Access Medical?

While you have the option to choose any provider to help you, we are proud of our personalized customer service and attention to detail. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, clients can expect a more personal level of customer service that is otherwise hard to come by in the medical equipment industry. When you work with Access Medical, we will treat you like family because we hope to build a lasting relationship that will improve your quality of life.

How do I qualify for a power wheelchair?

There are over three hundred qualifying factors that enable you to get a scooter or power wheelchair at little or no cost to you. The simple answer is that if you have a mobility limitation, you can qualify. We’ll help you define that limitation and make sure that you know if, or exactly how much, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

What are my financial options?

If you are eligible for coverage with your carrier, we can bill your insurance to cover the expenses of the equipment we are providing you with. Depending on the terms of your plan, insurance will cover a percentage of your expenses. If you have a secondary insurance, it is possible they will cover the remaining portion. For example, if you have Medicare as your primary insurance carrier, they will cover 80% of the total cost of your equipment. If you have Medi-Cal as your secondary insurance, they will cover the remaining 20%.

For the fastest possible service, we also accept out-of-pocket payment for desired equipment. Please contact our customer service representatives to verify your insurance plan and discuss your options.

How can my insurance plan help cover my expenses?

The first step in our process to help provide you with the equipment you need is to verify your insurance coverage. If you are eligible for medical equipment coverage, Access Medical will bill your insurance and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of coverage that your plan offers. In many cases, this results in little to no out-of-pocket expenses for our clients.

Will my insurance pay for a new wheelchair if I already have one?

The answer to this question depends on your situation. Most insurance companies will use the following criteria to determine if they will pay for a new wheelchair when an existing one is in use:

  • Your current wheelchair is older than five years and beyond repair
  • If you are currently renting a manual wheelchair, the wheelchair has been rented for less than 13 months, it has been returned, and you have an accompanying pick-up ticket
  • If you are transitioning from a manual to a power wheelchair, medical evaluations must demonstrate the lack of upper extremity strength to propel in a manual wheelchair
  • Your current weight is greater than the capacity of your wheelchair
  • You have experienced a change in medical condition
  • Your wheelchair was stolen/destroyed and you have a police report stating that you were not at fault

How do I know if I am getting the best equipment for my needs?

Access Medical only employs rehabilitation and mobility specialists who are dedicated to creating mobility plans which are specific to each individual’s needs. By having a personalized consultation, our specialists ensure that the equipment we provide is customized for you. We will educate you about your options and discuss those which will suit you best. Here at Access Medical, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

What do I have to do?

Call your doctor and schedule an appointment to discuss the need for the equipment you are requesting as soon as possible. Then set up a free consultation with us so that we can educate you about your options. Depending on the equipment being requested, we may ask that you have a physical therapy evaluation completed to determine what equipment will fully meet your medical needs. If so, we have several therapists we are happy to refer you to.

Then, leave the rest up to us.

Do you provide warranty service and repair on my wheelchair?

Yes. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to determine the details of warranty.

Do you require a doctor’s authorization to do a repair?

Yes. Medicare and most private insurances require wheelchair and scooter repair to have documented proof of medical necessity. We will work with your doctor to receive a written prescription.

Do you provide a rental wheelchair if my wheelchair needs repair?

Yes. We are happy to provide a rental wheelchair while we repair yours. Availability varies. Please check with us to determine if a suitable rental wheelchair is available.

Will you repair a wheelchair that was not purchased through Access Medical?

Yes. It will, however, depend on the availability of parts to return your equipment to safe and original manufacturer specifications as well as insurance coverage and verification.

How long does a repair take?

We always strive to process your repair as soon as possible. Repair times vary and depend on many factors, such as your insurance coverage, parts availability, and your doctor’s prescription if needed.

How do I recharge the batteries in my power wheelchair or scooter?

  1. Charge the batteries in accordance with your user’s manual.
  2. The chair’s power cord (or off-board charger) must be plugged directly into the wall. (Do not plug the cord into an extension cord or surge protector, this will reduce the batteries’ charge ability).
  3. The power cord must be completely removed from the wall before use. If using an off-board charger, make sure the power cord is also disconnected from the power chair or scooter.
  4. Batteries must be consistently used and charged. Batteries that sit for an extended period of time without being used will lose their charge.
  5. Do not keep the power chair or off-board charger plugged into the wall for more than 24 hours. Doing so will reduce the batteries’ ability to retain the charge.
  6. If you are planning on using your power chair or scooter throughout the day, it is recommended the batteries be charged for at least 8 hours the day before.