Cost Effective Savings

When the healthcare team addresses their patient’s mobility solution from a long-term perspective, the reduction of overall costs can be the most dramatic. Stability, progressive diagnoses, and pressure sore prevention are all important considerations.

The ATPs at Access Medical work closely with the client’s physician, physical therapists, and case managers to assure that the mobility solution addresses the mobility issues now and in the future. Our custom capabilities, ingenuity, and extraordinary manufacturer resources provide Access Medical with the ability to build the most cost effective solution.

The right wheelchair inherently reduces health care costs through preservation and extension of the client’s independence in their residence. However, our equipment and service will address health care cost reduction from multiple perspectives:

  • Preserve Skin Integrity: Our ATPs work diligently to preserve skin integrity with proper seating, positioning, and use of clinically appropriate surfaces — with custom fabrication available as required. Such precautions often avoid potentially high healthcare costs associated with wound care.
  • Reduce Falls: The treatment of injuries and complications associated with falls costs over $20 billion each year (see Virtual Health Care Team ® “Falls and Hip Fractures”). Appropriate mobility solutions can reduce hospital admissions related to falls. Consider the dramatic savings of avoiding a single hip fracture.
  • Reduce Delays: When the health care team establishes the client need for a wheelchair, any delays can increase risk of a fall or skin breakdown. Our experienced rehab team and state of the software manage the ordering process, reduce stress and confusion, and limit the waiting time.
  • Accelerate Deliveries: The financial stability of your mobility provider is very important. Strong financial relationships with manufacturers prevent delivery delays due to credit issues. Access Medical takes pride in the strength of our financial relationships and uses that strength to accelerate the delivery process.
  • Inform Clients: With our Patient’s Guide to Wheelchair Maintenance, our clients are educated on the routine care and maintenance that can be performed by the owner or caregiver. Such standard maintenance reduces the amount of service calls and repairs necessary by Access Medical, thus reducing costs for everyone.

If your health care team has not tried working with Access Medical, we hope you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate how our quality mobility solutions are able to reduce health care costs.