About Us

Access Medical is a leader in mobility equipment. Our major focus is to take a clinical approach in providing our patients in meeting their mobility needs. This approach begins with the initial intake, when a patient is referred to work with our practice.

By understanding whether or not an individual can receive, how, when, and confirming the payer of the equipment. Confirming the process with the insurance from the beginning to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. Once we know which process we follow, we have the ability to scream down the track to get it done.

Quality With Every Step

From start to finish, Access Medical considers quality to be of utmost importance. From the very first interaction with clients and healthcare professionals, to the delivery and repair of equipment, we consider it an honor to do what we do.

Access Medical is JCHO accredited and as a company, we diligently work to provide outstanding customer care while delivering a fully customized approach for each of our clients.

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